Let’s Catch Up


Okay before you get all where the hell have you been PantsuitsMom, let me just say I know.

And I’m sorry.

Life has been crazy and I just needed to take a step back so I could keep my head above water.

So I’m gonna update you, but I’m warning…this might get long so grab a cup of coffee, or wine – no judgement here, and I’ll get started.

1. Took a trip to Florida in mid September so my folks could meet Baby C. Baby C cried the entire 10 hour drive turned 13 hour drive. Seriously. It was awful and I don’t want to talk about. The visit itself was great and Baby C is my parents’ 5th grandbaby.

2. While in Florida I ran my first race post Baby. A local 5k and I had a blast. It hurt like hell but my mom came out and stayed with the boys and it was awesome – my mom has always been my biggest running cheerleader.

3. When I got home I started to get back into our normal routine. School drop offs and pick ups, laundry, dishes etc. Then on Tuesday I walked back into the house and had a flood. My laundry room had about 3 inches of standing water!! WTF?!


Might be hard to see but I promise you…water. Lots and lots of water.

4. Then Wednesday came along and Hurricane Matthew was practically knocking on my front door. So in the end I packed up my car, both kids and all 3 dogs and stayed with my aunt and uncle. A good time was had by all.

5. Mid October then brings us to Baby C’s 4 month update. Smiling, cooing, sleeping through the night (even a few nights of 8hrs!), loving baths, being held and hating his car seat! Still batteling reflux but this chunkster clocked in at 17lbs 2oz!

6. 33rd birthday for FirefighterDad! He had to work so Brother I helped me bake a cake and decorate it which we took to the fire station!


7. Apples, apples, apples. When I returned from my quick hurricane evacuation my house was exploding with bananas, apples, and oranges. I froze most of the bananas, the oranges are going in beer (don’t judge) and the apples became two pies for Thanksgiving!


8. Shortly after this, Mable got out of the backyard and was gone for 4 days!! I was a wreck. A hot mess. I searched, I drove, I put up flyers, I cried, I prayed. Finally the animal society where I had filed a lost animal report had her!! I got her that morning and that night she chewed a hole in our privacy fence and took off down the street. I shit you not. Thank goodness I noticed and was able to get her but it’s become very clear that she’s not happy in our home, so we are fostering her and looking for a forever home for her. During this time we also got our leaking water heater replaced and the pump on our washing machine fixed.

9. The end of October was obviously Halloween. We had a baby Dalmatian and a Ninja turtle! A great time we all had!


10. Early November was a blur of catching up on laundry and yet again getting back into normal post-loosing Mable and realizing she needs a new home.

11. Election Day. 2 hours. Vote cast. ‘Nuff said.

12. Blurr of shift days, OT, EMT class, ride alongs, wine, beer, lemon drops. Life.

13. Yesterday I ran my second race post Baby!! A half marathon! My slowest half ever but I had a blast! I quickly found a group of ladies to run/walk it with and I had a great time! Time flew by until about mile 9.5 then I was doing everything I could to keep the cramping at bay. It was tough. But it was glorious. And best part, all 3 of my boys were at the finish line cheering me on!

14. Today was suppose to be family pics that got rained out. The sweet photographer is willing to reimburse me so besides a little annoyance we made the best of it by snapping some selfies. Lemons into lemonade I tell ya!

15. And finally, tomorrow Baby C will be 5 months. I just can’t even…

Ya’ll that’s all I have for you.

P.S. At some point the guest blog post from my sis will go up (bless her heart I have nagged and nagged and nagged and I still haven’t posted it two months later. Oops).

P.P.S. Oh yeah, I quit Insanity. I missed running so I focused on that, and well, the above 15 are my excuses.

P.P.P.S During all this time I did win my first ever blog giveaway so there’s that!! Thanks Living Lighter in Atlanta!

Until next time ya’ll!


Poop-splosions, Reflux, Smiles, and my second run

This will be quick because I’m hungry and have a sleeping baby which means I need to capatalize on this time and EAT!

But first an update!

1. We finished all of the newborn size diapers yesterday and that’s a good thing because Baby C was having a lot of poop-splosions. Thank god for Shout and now he’s wearing size 1 diapers.

2. The reflux is in full force, and although I think Baby C feels better (less heartburn feeling) the spit up and refluxing is still there. In fact, just this morning he burped and spit up and milk came out his little nose. I’m going to talk to the doctor about increasing the medicine amount since Baby C has gained weight! I’m guessing he’s about 11.5 lbs now!

3. Baby C is 8 weeks old today and the smiles are in full force ya’ll! These aren’t gas or poop related smiles, these are real honest to goodness smiles!! They melt my heart every.single.time.

4. And finally I went for another run today. My first mile was 12:04 which beats my 12:33 mile from my first run back. So there’s progress, but my legs are still a little sore and tight so this run felt a little harder in effort.


And that’s all I have for now!

My sister is coming tomorrow for a visit so this blog space might be a little quiet.

First Postpartum Run and My Saturday So Far

You guys guess what?!!!! I did it! I went for my first postpartum run this morning!

After my last post-op appointment on my breast I felt comfortable enough going for an easy run with a good supportive sports bra.

Not to mention I’ve been craving a good run and I have noticed my anxiety has increased so I needed to get some endorphins flowing.

I also FINALLY finished my 17 day course of antibiotics and felt like I have given my body plenty of rest to recovery from MRSA, surgery, and child birth.

So I changed into my running clothes and started my pre-run ritual. Clothes, shoes, hair tied up, sunscreen on my face, sunglasses, Garmin, and iPod.

I chose to wear my Garmin but I wore it with the face on the inside so I wouldn’t obsess about my pace because I knew it was going to be slow.

And the run was hot, humid, painful, and slow but also so so glorious. It felt wonderful being outside and running. I’m no where close to the pace I was at before or the endurance level I had but I still marveled at my body.

7 weeks after having a baby I was running. And I was happy, content, and all the joy is back you guys. I’m just so content, so at peace, SO damn happy and joyful.

I have a beautiful baby that is healthy and my body is incredible.

The pace will come, the endurance will return, and my body will adapt. But in the meantime, I’m looking forward to every run, every chance to hit the pavement, and  every opportunity to get a good sweat in.


About every .55 miles I took a walk break and sipped some water and the last half mile or so was rough with more frequent walk breaks. But 2 miles done!

And don’t let the 9:02 pace fool you – that was my pace for the last .11 miles because I was motivated to be done!

After my run, Mr. I and I set out for a “run”. And by this I mean Mr. I ran and I walked.

I’m so happy he has such a love for running already!


Then, while I was laying down on the living room floor petting my dog Jake and cooling off, I found a tick on his back leg! Argh SO gross. I can handle fleas but not ticks.

After I removed the tick, all 3 dogs got baths and their flea and tick medicine applied to them.

After that, I finally hopped into the shower and then fed Baby C for an HOUR!!

Ya’ll I got SO hungry! Running and then nursing and then it being noon with only coffee in my system is a sure fire way to get Hangry.

I finally got Baby C settled and then I ate!


2 scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese

2 homemade oatmeal blueberry pancakes

Peach yogurt with homemade granola

4 fresh strawberries


An iced coffee


And that’s been my Saturday so far.





I don’t use the words Skinny or Big

I am a mom to a wonderful little boy, soon to be two boys. And we have made it a point to not use the words “skinny” or “big” in our house.

In the wake of the new “modern” Barbie, there’s a lot of focus on making children’s toys reflect American society. But this isn’t just limited to women and precieved “girls” toys. This applies to sons as well.

I don’t want my son growing up thinking he’s not “strong” because he doesn’t have a six pack or because he’s thinner then other boys his age or because his biceps aren’t as large. I don’t want my sons growing up thinking they are less of a man if they don’t run as fast as the other boys in their class. I don’t want my sons thinking they are skinny, fat, big, or not big enough. Muscle mass is not a metric  of manlyness just like being a certain size isn’t a metric for being beautiful.

There’s generally a healthy weight for everyone and a healthy approach and outlook on food and exercise is key. And this is the message and the words my son hears: healthy, strong, determined, fueling our bodies, good food choices, treats in moderation, and taking care of our bodies.

My son is very aware of my running. And occasionally he likes to join in the jogging stroller. He never greets me with a hug when I come back because I’m “hot and sweaty”. And I’m great with all of this. My son sees me enjoying being active, taking time for myself, and fueling my body appropriately. He sees me being healthy with a strong body, and doing what I enjoy – no matter my body size and shape. Including fueling my body and indulging once in awhile.

Kids are impressionable and I hope I’m leaving the right one. My son is perfect the way he is – size and stature included because he’s healthy. I hope as he grows up and is exposed more and more to society he develops a good sense of self and never loses it.


I was sitting on the couch two nights ago scrolling through Women’s Running. I read the article about Meb running Rock n Roll San Antonio and leading a pace group. Then after he finished he stayed on the course to give out hive fives.


Side Note: how cool would it be to get a high five from Meb??!!


Anyways, reading that article naturally lead me to reading tons of running articles linking from one to another as the inter webs does. Then all of a sudden I had a startling realization: I MET Meb!


Then I sat there in a cloudy, yet some how clear thought. Did I actually meet Meb or was it a dream? Then for the next couple of minutes a dream that I had a few nights before my half marathon was uncovered from my subconscience like a dusty box from an attic.


In my dream I didn’t actually meet Meb but he was at the same race expo I was at and was standing tall and lean with a calm relaxed confidence. Interestingly though, he was wearing jeans – something I thought was odd but regardless, my friend tried to convince me to go introduce myself but I didn’t. I mean after all I am a 2:22 half marathoner and my one and only marathon (so far) I did in 5:48. So there was that. And honestly in my dream, standing all of 5 feet away from Meb was enough.


He carried himself like an old friend – relaxed, smiling his Meb-tastic smile, and seriously oozing approachfulness (is this a word?). And that was really enough for me because in that moment, standing in the presence of Meb was more than enough. It was surreal, exciting, and comforting all at the same time.


Why I remembered this weeks later I don’t know, but I’m glad it’s been pulled out of my subconscience so I can say that I’ve met Meb, even if it was only in a dream.



Have you had any crazy dreams?

Have a dream you remembered weeks later?

Thanksgiving + MIA + Race Recap + #RWStreak

Woah! I know it’s been a while and after some nice check ins from a couple of my readers I thought I should get back on here. So I’ll start with Thanksgiving and work my way back to my race.

We had a wonderful low key Thanksgiving that started with our meal at 1 pm followed by movies and naps and another meal at 6 pm at our friends’ place. It was a great day with great food and great people. I hope you all enjoyed the day!

I know I’ve been MIA for a bit and life has just been busy. There’s stuff going on at work that I can’t really talk about now, but overall it’s good it just comes with growing pains as I call it. By next year, I’m sure things will settle down and smooth out. Until then I’m just sittin’ down and doin’ my job. FireFighterDad is well too as is Diapers. Speaking of Diapers, he’ll actually be starting preschool on Monday! I’m very excited for him and he’s at the perfect age where he’s social, fun, and loves playing with his friends. I’m excited to see all he does and learns.

I did in fact run the half marathon a couple weeks ago. I wanted to write an official race recap but instead I’ll paraphrase it here. First the weather was AHMAZING! It was 45 degrees at the start and although I was cold in shorts and a long sleeved base layer, I knew I would warm up quickly. Not to mention, last year it was 27 degrees and uncharacteristically cold for where I live. I was miserable. Another side note –  shorts are my running attire preference and I am SO glad I stuck with what I like even if it was 45. We arrived at the start about 10 minutes before race time so I quickly got in line for the port-a-potties and that’s when I realized….I forgot my bib! Never in all of my 17 years of racing have I done this!! At first I kinda freaked. Then rational thought entered my mind and I was actually, surprisingly okay with this. I knew I wanted to enjoy this race and getting a PR just wasn’t in the cards. So without a bib it really took a lot of (sub conscience) pressure off of me to beat my time from last year. 5 minutes before race time and I knew I wouldn’t have time to pee so I planned to stop at mile 4 at the port-potties. Again, something else I have NEVER done during a race. The race started on time and we were off. The first 4 miles felt amazing! I was going at a very conservative pace and just enjoying the engery. This is when it became clear to me that the Taper Madness is in fact a real thing. Every thing hurt leading up to the race and my legs felt tight and stiff. On race day – I felt like a million bucks. A good majority of this race is ran on a paved running trail that gets a little old but I quickly made a potty stop and resumed on the trail. I was alternating water and Gatorade at every aid station Every two miles, and took my first GU at mile 5. Mile 6 my lower back started getting tight but overall I was feeling good. A bit tired but happy with my pace and holding out for The Hill at mile 9. I was feeling immensely better at this point compared to last year. The group of ladies I was running with stopped at mile 7.5 for the port-apotties again and I continued on. I got to a really good pace hitting 9:45 pace between miles 7.5 to 9. I’m not sure if it was the GU kicking in or the thought of being done with the trail but I was feeling good. Mile 9 came and I really engaged my glutes (I only know this because they were very sore after the race!) and got up the hill!! I was kinda beat at the top and took a quick walk break and then got back into it. At mile 10 I took my second GU (mandarin orange which was disgusting!!) and at this point my lower back was really bothering me. It was so tight I just had to stop a couple times to stretch it out. Miles 10-12 was alternating 7-8 mins of running with 1-2 minutes of walking. I was feeling pretty tired and my back was killing me. One great thing about this race (which has surprised me the past two years), is that the finish line literally sneaks up on you. After mile 10 you make a left hand turn then a quick right hand turn and there’s an aid station and just past it is mile 11. From there it’s another series of turns through the neighborhood and mile 12 quickly appears. From there it’s one finally right hand turn and a straight shot to the finish line. The finish line, well actually all of mile 13 just about, is an uphill. It’s not as bad as mile 9, but it’s definitely a challenge. I always get an adrenaline rush when I see a finish line and this race was no exception. I turned the corner and started picking up my pace. When I saw mile 13 I picked it up more and did the best I could to stride into the finish. During this time I passed about 8-10 people. It’s a serious hill and I’m grateful for the adrenaline! I finished in 2:37:16. Not a PR but a pretty damn good race! Crazy story – 3 nights before my race I dreamed that I finished in 2:37:xx and was thrilled with the time. I wasn’t trying to hit this time at all during the race, but sure enough I did! Crazy right?!

#RWStreak started Thanksgivig day! It runs to New Year’s Day and only requires at least running 1 mile every day. I got my 1.1 miles in the past two days 😉 this is my next big running “event” to get me through the holidays and current craziness. Anyone else doing this?!

This is post is insanely long but thanks for sticking with me and happy weekend!

Indifferent and Holidays

It’s Monday and that means the countdown to the weekend has officially started. Hahaha, kidding…kinda. What has really started is the countdown to WINE!

I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was enjoyable with equal parts laziness (read: I didn’t do laundry and I crapped out on doing a long run) and equal parts productive (read: I got 2 4 mile runs in this weekend) with decent weather. Speaking of running, there hasn’t been an update in a couple of weeks because, well there’s no easy way to say this except that I have fell of the training bandwagon. I know, I’m disappointed too.

I honestly don’t know what it is. The thought of waking up early and running was just not there. There were a couple mornings last week where it was 45 degrees outside and like any sane person, I chose to stay in bed. Where it’s warm.  And cozy.  Because I started this blog as a small way to document my life here’s a rough, and pathetic look at my training

Monday 10/12 – Didn’t run

Tuesday 10/13 – 6 mile run

Wednesday 10/14 – Scheduled rest day and I took it

Thursday 10/15 – 6 mile run

Friday 10/16 – Didn’t run

Saturday 10/17 – 12 mile long run in 2:05 (10:29 average mile pace)

Sunday 10/18 – Scheduled rest day

Monday 10/19 – Didn’t run

Tuesday 10/20 – Didn’t run

Wednesday 10/21 – Scheduled rest day

Thursday 10/22 – Didn’t run

Friday 10/23 – Didn’t run

Saturday 10/24 – 4 mile run

Sunday 10/26 – 4 mile jogging stroller run

As you can see I embraced last week and I knew no matter how many times I went to bed with my running clothes on (yes, I sleep in my running clothes. 4:30 am is early folks! Don’t judge, you know this is a brilliant idea!) I just wasn’t going to get myself out there so I gave myself a week off.  This weekend was nice. 4 miles goes by quickly but still feels like a really good workout and gets me sweating. I know if I want to see a PR for the half in 3 weeks I need to really focus and get through this home stretch. I have completely stopped following my initial training plan, so my goal until race day is roughly…

Mondays – 4 miles

Tuesdays – 6 miles with 3 @ race pace

Wednesdays – OFF

Thursday – 6 miles tempo

Friday – 6 miles easy

Saturday – 12 x2

The week of the race I’ll probably do 3 easy 6 mile runs during the week and take Thursday and Friday off completely.  I also have chiropractic and massage appointments schedule once per week for the next 3 weeks and I hope this helps with some of the tightness and “eh” felling in my hips, hip flexors, and upper quads.

Usually at this point I am so excited for my race that I can’t see straight.  And for some reason, I’m feeling indifferent. And I don’t know why. I love the half marathon distance, I like the race course and it’s a local small race which is easy logistically, FirefighterDad has the day off so he can actually see me run and cheer me on, which I know he’s thrilled about (read with sarcasm of course), but I’m still felling apathetic. And it kinda sucks, and I don’t why. Am I bored? Am I just over training (Yes! 15 weeks is a lot and in hindsight I didn’t need this much time. At least now I know my body adapts well to running 3 days in a row), am I just ready to have more flexibility with my running? I really don’t know. Anyone have any thoughts?! I’m hoping as I get back into my groove this week with running that my excitement for race day will show up.

Enough about my running. Let’s talk HOLIDAYS! I am SO ready for the holidays.

Holidays = No Work!

Featured image

Work has been crazy since April. Which seems eons away. The last 6-8 weeks of the year is always crazy with wrapping up projects, squeezing in the last bit of travel, and completing performance evals. It makes those weeks run together and go at warp speed. So yeah, I’m all for the holidays. So by the time Christmas rolls around, all I have planned is this…

Featured image

Well that’s it folks. It’s Monday. Thanksgiving is in 31 days and Christmas is in 60 days. You’re Welcome.

  1. Anyone training for a race and start to feel apathetic about race day or am I the only crazy one?
  2. Are you ready for Thanksgiving?!

It’s October!!

Ya’ll I am so excited that it is October. Although I despise the cold, I do love Fall. The cool, crisp, humidity free air, mosquito free evenings, bonfires, Fall running, tea, hot chocolate, pumpkin, apple cider, soup, sweaters, scarves, fire place, Halloween candy…honestly my list is endless but can I get an Amen?! Basically, Fall has a lot to offer.

Featured image

Onto other news….since I have been absent from here for a while I thought an update was in order. Without further ado…

Hurricane Joaquin

I live along the east coast and happy to report that we are fine. Unfortunately that cannot be said for many other cities along the eastern seaboard. Joaquin did a number in the Bahamas and certainly effected the US coast. My thoughts and prayers are with families right now who may have lost a loved one, a home, or having to navigate the rocky path of rebuilding lives.

Firefighter Wife

Because of Joaquin, FirefighterDad was called into work to help with rescue efforts and the 100s of 911 calls that were received. This was the first time FirefighterDad was called into work earlier than his regularly scheduled shift days, and he worked through the whole weekend. I am incredibly proud of him and all of the rescue and military personnel that took great measures to reach people. FirefighterDad is home now, safe and dry.


Last week my running looked something like this

Featured image

I was feeling particularly weak and tired and needless to say my paces showed it too, which was of course, mental sabotage of the worst kind. After a very rough easy 4 miles (which was suppose to be 6) I decided I would take 3 days off and give my body a break. It was giving me signs and I didn’t want to suffer the consequences of over training and I even made the decision not to do my 12 mile long run. Due to Joaquin’s relentless vengeance, taking Friday-Sunday off worked out beautifully. I will say that those 3 days with absolutely no running, felt like weeks, but I am happy to report that yesterday’s easy 4 miles was awesome and my run today was even better – dare I say FANTASTIC!

Here’s what the past couple of weeks of running has looked like:

Week #8

Monday: 4 easy miles. Yup, Fall is officially gone. It was 76 degrees when I went to run. Outside of the warmer temps, this run was pretty uneventful although my easy pace is faster now, which is exciting to see – training is paying off!

Tuesday: 4 x 1 mile @ 9:00. Yeah so this didn’t happen. From the very first step of my warm-up I knew my body didn’t have the energy. Having suffered from over training before, I knew I wasn’t even going to attempt 4 repeats. I cut it short and did 2 mile repeats hitting 8:40, and 9:02 after a 1.5 mile warm up. I walked for a cool down and was done.

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 6 easy miles. I ran 6 miles at a 10:30/mile average, which means my easy pace is faster – which means – I’m getting stronger and faster overall! I love seeing improvement. =) It rained very lightly while I was running and it was SO nice!

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 5k race in 28:52 setting a new PR and placing 2nd in my AG!

Sunday: Long run. I wasn’t too sore from my race – just a sore/tight left hamstring, but my legs were tired. I knew going into this run I wanted to get to a comfortable pace and just maintain it. I wanted this long run to simulate running on tired legs and it served its purpose! I did 9.35 miles @ a 10:42 average mile pace.

Week #9

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: 10 x 800. 1 mile warm up, 2 x 800, 1 mile cool down – body physically tired and lacking energy. It was a struggle to complete just 2 repeats. I called it quits.

Thursday: 6 miles easy. Ended up being 4 very slow and miserable miles because I felt so tired and weak – not good.

Friday: OFF

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: OFF

Here’s hoping that this week’s running continues being enjoyable! One thing I do know, is that running in 60 degrees is AHMAZING!

That’s all I have for this update folks.

How was your weekend? Were you impacted by Hurricane Joaquin?

I May Have Found the Spark!

So you know in my last post how I was bitching commenting on the fact that my running motivation is at a low point? Well, I think its turned around – I’m excited again. I’m ready to tackle the next challenge in my training plan!

It all started with a local 5K that I wanted to race. Its been years since I have actually raced a 5K. I have ran several but usually with a jogging stroller and a 30 lb toddler in it. This 5K I wanted to really leave it all on the pavement and see how my training was going.

Friday night Diapers and I had a “date” since FirefighterDad was working and I didn’t stress about the race too much. I did some really good self pep talk that included reminding myself that 5K’s hurt. Its a weird distance where you don’t have 2-3 miles at your disposal to kinda warm up. Its race pace right outta the gate and since I’m not use to this, I was counting on the adrenaline to get me going. I also continued reminding myself that I was going to feel terrible. I told myself I was going to embrace the discomfort, the pain, the ragged breathing and get to a 9:20-9:30 pace and stick to it. As I type this out it sounds very pessimistic, but for me it didn’t come across this way. Races are suppose to hurt. They are suppose to be uncomfortable – knowing this, I didn’t want any regrets crossing the finish line thinking I could have done better. I wanted to give 100% so staying positive about the discomfort and accepting it was my race plan.

I woke up Saturday morning, got dressed, drank my coffee, pooped (an absolute must!), ate a little breakfast, pooped again (key racing strategy), and started drinking some ice water. I woke up Diapers and had some good snuggles then got him ready. At 7:15 we were out the door so I could register. Registration was a breeze and took significantly less time than I anticipated so the next hour was waiting around and keeping Diapers entertained. We “raced” in the gym, and I gotta say that little boy has some speed! We used the bathroom, and watched all the post-race vendors get set up. At 8:15 I used the bathroom one last time, got a bottle of water, and headed to the start. One last lucky kiss from Diapers and I lined up in the middle of the pack. The race was a minute or so late getting started, but as the adrenaline surged I was off.

Immediately I hit an 8:11 mile pace – I knew this was entirely too fast and I wouldn’t be able to maintain it so I backed off, weaved around people, and got settled in an 8:30 pace. Mile 1 had a quick downhill followed by an uphill and I knew once I got up it I would be around a 9:00 pace – much better for the race. Going into mile 2 I was around a 9:22 pace. Circling around at the half way point, I was hitting around a 9:37 and quickly dropped to 9:47 pace into mile 3. The whole time I was running with a water bottle so I didn’t stop at the aid stations, and only took a couple quick sips from my bottle. I knew once I saw the 3 mile sign I was going to toss the water bottle onto the side of the road and kick it in for the finish. The 3 mile sign came up, I dropped my water bottle, and kicked it in with the help of some adrenaline. I crossed the finish line, and all I could do was stand there hands on knees for a few seconds. I wanted to move and sit down, but I physically couldn’t move my legs. It was a little weird feeling, but I knew I needed to move as other runners were crossing so I stumbled over to the side walk and sat down catching my breath.

I finished in 28:52 setting a new PR!


I placed 2nd in my age group!!!

Ya’ll placing in my age group never happens. Well it happened once when I was 13 and I got 4th in my age group for a 4.4 mile run – I got a blue ribbon.

Needless to say, this race – pushing myself, my pre-race strategy and race plan – all of it just sparked a new level of motivation. I’m faster, I’m improving, I can do hard things and accept discomfort. I can overcome and conquer! Its been exciting to say the least!

I really think keeping this race “low key”, registering kinda last minute, and having a more realistic race strategy and acknowledging the discomfort of the race helped A LOT! Usually, I say things like “You’re going to feel so good, you’re going to feel like running is effortless, your legs are going to feel light and your breathing is going to be comfortable”. Yeah – that’s never worked in the past, so I’m glad I didn’t cloud my mind with unrealistic positivity.

What race strategies work best for you?

How was your weekend?

Half-Marathon Training Week #7

Week #7

Monday: 4 easy miles.  I ran 3.84 miles outside during lunch. I had intended for this to be an easy run, and overall it was – maybe a moderate run – but the weather was damn near perfect, and I really felt great. I did have a creepy car honk at me, then pull of the side of the road and wait for me. yeah – cuhreepy MFer. Needless to say my last mile was a little fast. Splits: 9:52, 9:51, 8:31, not sure about the last .84 miles – probably in the 8:30 ball park.

Tuesday: 8 x 800 @ 4:00. I’ve never really been dedicated to speed work before in training. I was always scared/intimated by it. This time around I have committed to alternating between Yasso 800s and mile repeats and I am seeing improvement! This morning I woke up feeling FANTATIC! Like seriously, I felt SO good. I don’t know if it’s my cleaner diet (I’m craving veggies like crazy), my easier-than-expected-week last week, the snack I had a 9pm, or the 100 plus ounces of water I had yesterday, but I felt great. My warm up was around 10:30. It was also 57 degrees – Hello Fall!! The workout was tough, but in a good way. And I also think I need to eat more than 3 bites of bananas, because although my legs were tired, I felt pretty drained overall – I needed some fuel. Splits: 3:53 (whoa!), 3:57, 4:02, 3:58, 4:00, 4:03, 4:02, 4:01.

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 6 easy miles. Travel for work so I ran 5.3 on treadmill in hotel. I don’t know what it is about treadmill running but it feels much harder than running outside. I don’t know if it’s because my gait and/or form is off, but I kept this run easy but that meant my pace was 11:19.

Friday: 6 miles tempo. Travel for work so I hit up the treadmill again. This was the first morning in my training where the excitement of getting up early and running has faded. Hell, it didn’t just fade, it extinguished. In the span of 24 hours, it was gone. Anyways, I knew I would wake up and feel better after a run, even if I didn’t hit my 10:00 mile tempo pace, I at least wanted to get the mileage in. I did a warm-up that just seemed SO hard! Once I cranked it up to a 10:00 pace, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t sleep well in the hotel, and my body was just exhausted. Since it was a cutback week I called it quits. I didn’t want to push too hard when my body was telling me to slow down. I half-assed some strength which even felt difficult with minimal reps (read: 15 reps) and minimal weights (read: 10 lbs) – I tossed in the towel.

Saturday: OFF. I landed at 11 pm on Friday night and FirefighterDad had to work so I knew my long run was going to be pushed back to Sunday and I enjoyed a much needed rest day.

Sunday: 10 mile long run. When FirefighterDad returned from work, Mother Nature and all her cruel and teasing power, decided that she wasn’t going to grace us with Fall like temps any more. No, instead I got 86 degrees and 90%+ humidity. WTF?! I was angry, but I went out and ran what I could. 3.5 miles later I called it quits. At this point in my training I know I can run 13.1 miles and I have a good feeling I’d PR. I’m not at the point where I will hit my sub-2 hour, but it would still be a good race. So knowing this and combined with work travel, higher temps, and my body telling me it’s tired, I was okay with being done. Next week I’ll move up to 12 miles and toss in a few good tempo miles for good measure.

Total Mileage: 18.8 (some serious “cut back”)