Thursday Blunders



  1. My dogs got PB&J sandwiches because we were that low on dog food. I don’t think they minded.
  1. A tropical depression is in the Atlantic – I was secretly hoping it would hit my town so I could have a couple days off from work. I didn’t want anything serious, just lots of rain.
  1. Diapers woke up at 3 am saying he was wet. He peed through his diaper so I changed his PJ’s,  placed a blanket over his wet sheet, tucked him back into bed, and crawled back into bed myself.

Your turn! What are your blunders for this week!


The Second Post Might Be Harder than the First

I think writing my second blog post is harder than the first because the first one set the tone for my writing style and my blog, and although I am funny, and sarcastic, and I do even curse in real life (gasp), I still want my writing to have value, and to have others benefit from it. So when I read blogs, I want to get to know the person behind the screen – the author. Who is this person, what’s her story, what does she do, and I really want to see some failures. I want to see authenticity, honesty, and screw-ups. You heard me – I want to see other blogger’s failures, because it humanizes them. Blogs can give the perception that the person behind the words is perfect. And let me just say, my shit stinks just like everyone else’s.

So like any good blogger I am going to start a new weekly update: Thursday Blunders!


The concept is simple, I am going to share some of my failures with you so you can see I am human, I make mistakes, some things work, and some things don’t, and at the end of the day we are all just trying to make it to Friday – can I get an amen?

  1. I woke up at 5:30 – 30 minutes late and I had a 5 mile run scheduled. Crap.
  1. I didn’t wash my hair after my run.
  1. During my run I almost pooped myself. Running is a natural laxative ya’ll.
  1. Diapers went to the nanny’s with his pajama shirt on. Sometimes you just have to pick and choose your battles with toddlers.
  1. I didn’t feed the dogs – oops. I’m sure FirefighterDad will feed them – I hope.