21 Day Fix Weeks 2 & 3 Recap, second round, and Shakeology!

Hello hello!

I’m going to just jump right in with my recaps!

Week 2 fell on Baby C’s 1st birthday…FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Ya’ll, my baby is one! I have a ONE year old! I cannot believe it has already been an entire year. I know, cliche in every way, but its SO true.

Anyways, I can’t say enough great things about 21 Day Fix. it’s quick, it’s effective, and it’s fun! I find it really easy to do the workouts. They are a combination of strength and cardio and going through this program, I have realized that my cardio conditioning is definitely not on point. It’s amazing how our bodies can adapt to one type of cardio, for instance running in my case, but then I do interval training with strength built in (21dfx) and I am sweating and out of breath!

The nutrition part of ANY workout program is always the hardest for me to follow. I love food, I have a major sweet tooth, and when I crave something I just want to eat it. So going into weeks 2 and 3 I knew I was going to cheat a bit. Week 2 I had 3 cupcakes – 2 on Baby C’s birthday, and my finally one 2 days later. This definitely put me over my yellow containers (carbs), but I knew this going in and was okay with this decision.

Week 3 I had some cheat meals because my husband was home more, and to be honest I didn’t meal prep nearly as much. I also had a couple of beers poolside ūüôā Again this definitely pushed me over on my yellow containers, BUT even though I cheated, I was also VERY conscience of my food choices. Instead of eating my weight in goldfish crackers (why are these SO good?!), I would eat apple slices, or carrots. I feel like i did very balancing good food choices with some cheats. I definitely believe in applying the 80/20 rule – eat healthy and clean 80% of the time and 20% indulge. Also, YOLO ūüėČ

Overall, I lost 3 pounds. I didn’t re-,measure myself so I am not sure how many inches, but if i had to guess i lost a little in my waist which is where I also see the weight loss at.

I’m now onto my second round of 21 Day Fix and I have even dappled in 21 Day Fix Extreme. I am LOVING the Beachbody on Demand (24/7 streaming of over 600 workouts!!) Variety is definitely a big factor for me sticking with a workout so the on demand feature is amazing!

I am in week 1 of my second round and ya’ll I am seeing some real change. I look and FEEL leaner. You know when the scale says you lost weight, but you still feel kinda bloated or your clothes fit the same? Well, I can honestly say that now I feel like i have lost some weight and am getting leaner.

I know for a fact that i am getting stronger. I can do all the intervals without taking a break, I can do my reps, and I have increased my weight. This time around I am also being VERY diligent about following the peal plan, and I haven’t gone over on any of my portions.

During these rounds of 21 Day Fix I have also been drinking Shakeology. Wow, ya’ll…this product really is amazing!

As a chemist, I really value what I put into my body and I was never a fan of standard market protein powders. 1) they don’t taste great (Shakeology does!), and 2) most people eating a Standard American diet (SAD) are NOT lacking protein. What most people are lacking are true nutrients – vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients (nutrients we get from veggies and fruits), and digestive enzymes (these help our intestines actually adsorb what we eat). Because of this, standard market protein powder, isn’t very beneficial.

Additionally, since many of these powders contain soy, artificial sweeteners (I’m looking at you Splenda), are nearly 100% whey based (protein from milk which can wreck havoc on a lactose intolerant person), and have preservatives (Sodium benzoate, soy lecithin, etc.) I am not a fan. Plus, they aren’t really doing anyone any good because we (Americans in general) don’t have a protein deficiency – we have a nutrient deficiency. In my honest opinion, protein powders are doing more harm than good, and its a multi-million dollar industry based on really good marketing, unfortunately. not sound science.

Now enter Shakeology – this isn’t a protein powder.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Shakeology is NOT a protein powder.

Does it have protein? Yes, absolutely.

Shakeology is NOT a meal replacement shake (don’t even get me started on Slim Fast and what a load of crock and marketing gimmick that is *sigh*).

Can Shakeology be used as a meal replacement? Yes, absolutely – and its for sure the BEST choice for a meal replacement (read below).

So what is Shakeology then?

Shakeology is a nutrition powder.

It is full of protein (from whole food sources like chia, flax seed, quinoa), full of antioxidants like blueberry, gogi berry, green tea, cherries, and pomegranate. It has a plethora of phytonutrients – basically kick ass greens to support your health because we all know, as good as Kale is for us, who wants to eat it every day, am I right? So Shakeology has greens in it – spinach, kale, algea, and others. And finally, Shakeology is rounded out with pre- and probiotics and additional digestive enzymes, because what good is consuming all these awesome nutrients if our body can’t adsorp it properly?

In fact, the digestive enzymes were the first things I noticed working when I first started Shakeology – because it was cleaning out my system (I’ll avoid going into detail on this, but just know it was not harsh or unpleasant in any way) and lining my colon with proper and essential bacteria so my body could adsorp all of the goodness packed into Shakeology.

Seriously, this product makes my inner chemist giddy. I do a happy dance every time I drink it and every time someone tells me they drink it and love it too. It’s seriously a game changer. I may just have to write post (or two) on it and let my inner chemist shine ūüėČ


  1. Do you workout? What is your favorite type of workout?
  2. Are you good about eating enough fruits and veggies (I definitely have to work at this EVERY day)
  3. Are you a protein powder fan?





21 Day Fix: 1 Week down, 2 to go

Happy Tuesday!

Im just gonna jump right in and say I’ve lost 3 lbs.

For realzzzz.

1 week into this 3 week journey and I’m down 3lbs, and a poopin machine which is really awesome. I finally feel “empty”. I don’t feel bloated or like I still need to go so this was an unexpected yet pleasant side effect that I’m contributing to Shakeology.

Okay so here are my Week 1 Thoughts:

1. The workouts are quick. Like super quick. There’s 2-3 mins of a warm up, 2-3 mins cool down leaving about 26 mins for heart pounding, sweaty workouts.

2. The workouts are tough! You’ll definitely feel your muscles burning and the are effective workouts targeting multiple muscles at the same time!

3. The proof is in the pudding as they say. But in the case of 21 Day Fix, I really believe the proof is in my diet. Following the portion containers is essentially to getting the desired results. The portion containers make it super simple to eat the right portions and the right kinda of food (hello fruits and veggies). The premise for 21 Day Fix is NOT tondiet but rather change our eating habits so the containers allow for a simple visual way of doing this without counting calories!

And my realizations thus far:

1. I eat a lot of carbs. Too many ¬†in fact. I don’t eat bad carbs just too much. My portions have been WAY too large and as I go through this program, I realize I don’t need all the empty calories in the carbs I eat.

2. I don’t eat as many veggies or fruits as I thought. I would eat them at just about every meal, but unlike my carb portions, my produce portions were WAY too small. This has been enlightening.


3. My wine portions are on the order of 3 times larger than a standard portion. This is really sad because wine is essential. However, I’m learning to sip on a measly 4oz of wine and enjoy it…all 3 seconds of it. Kidding…kinda.

4. I really like my refined white sugar in my coffee. But refined sugar is bad, so in order to fully commit to these 21 days, I’m using a tsp of raw honey. I like my coffee sweeter but I’m willing to make the sacrifice. However, I think I might change to raw sugar after this round.

5. I eat a lot of protein. Like A LOT. I crave protein too. I’m still nursing Baby C so I’m wondering if that’s why I crave it, but I pretty much have a protein at every meal plus my Shakeology. Fortunately, for my calorie bracket I can have 4 red containers (protein) which works out nicely.

6. My PB portions were off the chart large. But I mean it’s PEANUT BUTTER! I have no comment on this except I’m trying…

7. And finally, I’m LOVING the program. Life’s is crazy busy with an almost one year old, a 5yo and ¬†firefighter hubby working 24-48 hours at a time so 30 min workouts that are building muscle and a cardio workout to boot is just perfect.

And the most exciting ¬†news…

I’m now a Beachbody Coach. After doing Insanity I fell in love with the programs and now after a week into 21 Day Fix I’m hooked. The workouts are creative, fun, tough, and multi-purposed. Not to mention, Beachbody has a TON of programs that allow for variety and opportunities to challenge every person.

If you have any interest (or just questions!) about 21 Day Fix or Beachbody let me know. I’m hosting a Workout Challenge Group starting June 19th. It will be 3 weeks long and we’ll be doing the 21 Day Fix program. I’ll be coaching everyone along, offering support, encouragement, and fun!

Why am I Apprehensive about Social Media?

That title there…right up there ^….yep that one…

I actually Googled it.

For real.


Now that’s the million dollar question…

Because I don’t know¬†why social media makes me uneasy. It’s all over the place between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, hashtag this hashtag that and amprisand this and amprisand that…I am literally (of course I’m meaning the use of¬†literally in a purely figurative sense as we like to do…Sheldon Cooper would be SO annoyed right now) surrounded by it.

For crying out loud I stopped watching the news YEARS ago because it was depressing and really made me doubt the good in people and in the world.

But now, every major news station is not only on social media, but they RELY on it. News is told with hashtags and Facebook stauses. Social media is EVERYWHERE.

Facebook is a multi-billion dollar business with probably that many users. Instagram has over 500 million….500 MILLION users every.single.day.




That is a lot of people. I mean, a lot a lot.

And that is just one social media platform.

So I went to my trusty oracle, Google, to get an answer to my question because I couldn’t really put a finger on why I’m weary of social media.

Sure, there’s the stalker potential, serial killer potential, pedophiles, and so on. But I can rationalize these fears with numbers. Those people represent such a small percentage of social media users that I know this isn’t the root cause of my uneasiness.

Y’all, Google didn’t disappoint. He never does really. He is the all-knowing after all ūüėČ

As the name would suggest, I’m weary of social media because it’s¬†social.

This is obvious right? Like crazy obvious, but there it was bitch slapping me in the face with its obviousness, and it all clicked.

I’m a true introvert. I’m a private person. I have 3 close friends…yes 3 and I am 100% good with that. Yes I have other really good friends and acquaintances and neighbors. And contrary to what some may think about introverts, I have kick ass people skills. I’m not socially awkward, I don’t mind public speaking, and I even worked in technical roles that was very “peoplely”.

But alas, I am most definitely an introvert. I get anxiety just thinking and preparing for a large social gathering.

And to clarify, “large gathering” for this introvert is anymore than about 6 people.


Well no wonder I’m apprehensive about social media where there are millions to BILLIONS of people!

Social media is social. And sure I’m social, but I’m social when I choose and and with whom I choose. Social media, although there are privacy settings, has a unique way of making those 6 degrees of separation feel like 1.

That coupled with my tendency to be private and not outright trusting people upon meeting, I’ve uncovered the root of my social media angst.

Now, if you don’t mind, this gal needs a glass of wine.

Happy Monday Y’all!

Moms vs. Dads

Okay y’all I want to chat about something that kinda bugs me so enter soap box.

Moms and Dads are different. 


Let me explain

I see, hear, and read quite often how moms say their husband isn’t involved with their child and don’t play with them or interact with, and seem distant. Dad may have just come home from working a 10 hour day and is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Mom just spent 10 plus hours working for a two year old dictator (kidding….kinda). She’s physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted and she just needs a break.

But she doesn’t say¬†anything¬†to her husband.

She’s annoyed. With dirty yoga pants and unwashed hair.

The silence builds and the resentment sets in.

Now she’s just down right angry.

The baby has officially entered the witching hour, and dad is in his office doing who knows what, while mom cooks dinner. The tension builds in the house.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Come on, be honest now.¬†This happens. It happens in my house and I’m sure it happens in just about every other house in the world.

And you know what y’all, it’s¬†okay. We are all human living life and navigating it’s challenges the best we can.

And through the almost 9 years of being with FirefigterDad and almost 5 years of raising kids, I have learned two very critical differences that have saved us a lot of frustration, anger, resentment, and arguments.

1. Moms are Nurturers. Dads are Protectors.

Moms by nature are nurturers. We love, we cuddle, we hug and kiss. Some people would say we smother and others would say we need to back off. But the fact is, our hearts are overflowing with love. We have hormones to thank for this. When our child cries we have a physiological response to it. Stress hormones surge and we HAVE to get to our child; there is no other option. We have been created to nurture, feed, and care for our child.

Dads however are the protectors. They are hard wired to protect the ones they love. They do this by providing. Providing money, shelter, stability, and safety. ¬†They are driven to constantly protect their wife AND kid(s). They are constantly pulled into several directions making sure the basic needs of feeling safe are felt by everyone they love. Dads aren’t just physical protectors. They are emotional protectors too. They¬†care¬†about your feelings. They don’t want you or your children hurting, feeling insecure, or ¬†unsafe. Men are driven by this; they were created this way.

2. Differing Expectations

In my experience, frustration and arguments happen when mom and dad both have different expectations. Dad comes home from work expecting some down time to chill and decompress. Mom is expecting a hot shower alone, while dad watches the kid when he comes home from work.

But neither one of them communicate this to the other!

Wives expect their husbands to know this; to¬†anticipate their needs. And y’all, I’m not gonna lie…this would be AMAZING!

But men are literal!

We as wives need to tell our husbands clearly and directly, “I need your help”.

Afterall, our husbands want to protect our hearts and feelings!

And vice versa, husbands need to communicate with their wife what their needs are. If he needs half an hour to decompress after work, then so be it. He’s tired and switching gears from providing at work to providing at home.

I’ve learned that having clear expectations for both me and FirefighterDad have prevented unnecessary frustration, resentment, and arguments.

We aren’t perfect. And when we have an off day and I’m feeling overwhelmed, I take a step back and recognize where I failed my husband -I didn’t communicate what I needed. He’s not a mind reader and in my heart I know he loves me and wants to protect me and provide for me. Even if providing for me means an hour to myself, or doing the dishes after dinner, or bathing our boys. All I have to do is ask.

So I strongly urge couples to recognize our innate differences and know that your husband does love his kids; his love just looks different from your love.

And know that your husband will protect his wife and his kid(s) with everything in him.

And talk y’all. Talking is good even if our husbands grumble about it. They will see the benefit when they get their 30 or so minutes of decompressing in their man cave.

Peace and Love until next time!





I’m Baaaack (ish)!



Okay I know what you’re thinking…where the h-e-double hockey sticks have you been?!¬†

And my answer is I’ve been here. Well not¬†here¬†here in the sense of this small space I own on the interwebs, but I’ve been¬†here¬†in the sense of, I am alive and well, and so our my children’s. Which is what really counts, am I right?!

Phew, I’m glad I got that cleared up.

So I last wrote in November and that’s basically like a year ago. I know I could update y’all on Christmas (Baby C’s first) and then New Year’s and all the days and months after that, but it’s a lot and I just don’t wanna.

Instead I’ll just pick up right here on this last day of March m’kay?


So here’s the thing, writing and parenting and Firefighter-wifing just got to be a bit much.

And writing a blog post wasn’t even on my radar. Because honestly who wants to know the inner workings and details of my life?

Exactly….no one really. Because y’all, I’m a SAHM and I’m LOVING it. I’m not PantsuitsMom, I’m YogaWearingMessyHairBunShowered4DaysAgoMom¬†and I think deep down I didn’t know how to continue with this blog. A space I created to share with other women on how I achieved balance in my days. How I managed a career AND being a mom and how I LOVED it.

I kinda felt like a fraud. What wisdom did I have to share with you all?!

I could tell you how a 9 months old poop smells terrible.

I could tell you that farts are funny for kids…and evidently grown men.

I could tell you that baby fingernails should be a weapon of war.

I could tell you that boys’ feet stink…at 9 months, at 4 years old, and at 34 years old.

I could tell you that my kids eat food off of the floor.

I could tell you that my baby isn’t sleeping through the night.

And I could tell you that I know I’ll never regret the time home with my boys.

It’s a privilege to raise these boys of mine.

It’s a joy and I am grateful.

So what does that mean for this blog? I don’t know y’all.

I do know, I’ll still be here (sporadically maybe) as a Boy Mom and Firefighter Wife learning how to balance our adventures (can anyone say Kindergarten ūüė≥).

Until next time!

Insanity Week 1 Eats

Ya’ll, this is by far the hardest part of the 60 day Insanity program – nutrition.

What the heck am I suppose to eat?!

How much am I suppose to eat?!

I’m breastfeeding so how many calories do I need?!

How many grams of protein should I eat in a day?!

Carbs? Are they good, bad, somewhere in between?

So yeah, I’m still trying to figure this out. And I even read the Insanity Nutrition Plan. It has a lot of information and lots of meal ideas and I’m definitely using it, but I’m still second guessing my food choices.

I clearly need a personal dietician AND chef because this past week I didn’t get around to eating breakfast until 11 am or later!

Yeah, not good.

And most days, that meal ended up being breakfast AND lunch.

I know….this is bad, but with a newborn it’s life.

The other thing that’s kinda tricky is I can’t rely on a scale and certain goal weight to dictate if my calorie consumption is appropriate because Insanity is cardio AND strength training.

Which means I’m going to gain muscle and burn fat.

And one thing I do know, muscle weighs more than fat.

Hence why measurements are so important.

But the part that’s confusing: when should I see my measurements improving?

The answer: it depends.

On what you might ask…

How hard I work out and what I eat.

*hand hits forehead*

So, maybe now you understand my dilemma.

What the hell do I eat and how much?

So to make sense of all of this and to simplify the nutrition aspect, here is what I’m trying:

Breakfast will either be eggs, breakfast burrito, cottage cheese and fruit, Greek yogurt with granola, or oatmeal.

Snack will either be a protein shake, cottage cheese, hard boiled egg, or Greek yogurt.

Lunch will be a salad with either chicken, tuna, or salmon with all the veggies and some fruit.

Snack will be a protein shake, a PB&J, rice cakes with PB, almonds, yogurt, or fruit. This snack will probably depend upon my level of breastfeeding hunger. Lately, I’ve been having a PB&J because I am so hungry.

Dinner will be a protein (salmon, chicken, beef) with veggies and another side such as salad, quinoa, or potatoes.

Before bed treat will probably be fruit, protein shake, yogurt, or a glass of wine 1-2 days/week only.

With all of these meals and snacks, my goal is to limit my sugar intake (candy, cookies, ice cream, etc) and make better food choices like a piece of fruit over cookies.

I’m guessing right now my calories are somewhere around 1600-2000. I know it’s a wide range but with Baby C, some days I just don’t get around to eating a meal and rely on quick snacks, and other days I can sit down and eat decent meals.

This week I did fairly good on my above “nutrition¬†plan”. I had eggs with a Greek yogurt most days, followed by some kind of snack, followed by another snack, then maybe another because I never did get a solid lunch in since I ate breakfast so late. Then I had dinner which varied from sandwiches to a protein shake.

I did have some cheats though in the form of wine and chocolate chips. I did however, significantly limit my sugar by not giving in to every craving like I was before. So it’s a small step of improvement.

To make next week even easier to stay on plan, I did some food prep today while Baby C napped (in his crib! More on this later!).

I cooked quinoa with sautéed cabbage, onion, spinach, and green pepper in it. This will make for an easy salad addition or a side with my meals.

I also chopped up cabbage, spinach, and green pepper and stored it together as a salad “base” that I can add to each day.

I had a fresh pineapple I cut up as well for a quick snack option that beats my usual granola bars and other processed and high sugar foods.

I then cut up the cucumbers that desperately need to be eaten so I can either munch on, add into a salad, or have as a side.

With part of the cucumber I decided to make a quick cucumber pineapple salsa to go with our salmon we’re having for my birthday dinner tonight. Yummy!

I’m hoping next week I can make more improvements and have less doubt about my food choices.

What is your food philosophy? Clean eating? Paleo? THM? Eat whatever you want? Whole foods only? Low carb?

Anyone else have a birthday in August? Today I’m 29…my last year in my 20s.

Insanity Day 1: Fit Test and Giveaway Winner!!

You know it’s going to be bad when the warm up is hard.

I was out of breath and sweating.

Is that normal for the warm up?

Anyways, I hopped onto the Struggle Bus this morning while Baby C was napping and started the 60 day Insanity program.

And Shaun T can kiss my white flabby ass.

Just kidding. 

Kind of.

Because Globe Jumps?! Really?!

I’m barely coordinated enough to do a jumping jack, let alone a jumping squat jack with a step back and a squat and then doing this in a circle…ya know, the¬†globe part.

So I basically did squat jumps in a circle.

Also, push up jacks?! Really Shaun?! Really?!!

I can barely do one regular push up and you toss in a jack?

I attempted this knowing I wasn’t getting my body down low enough, but I gotta start somewhere right?

Other than those two exercises I did actually enjoy the fit test.

Don’t get me wrong…it was hard and I’m going to be sore for dayzzzzz.

But it was somewhat entertaining and it wasn’t the same old run of the mill push ups, crunches, and jumping jacks.

Now, lets talk about running.

It’s my first love. It’s always been there for me.

I’m not breaking up with running, I’m just having to take a temporary step back from it right now.

This season of life is busy with FirefighterDad’s work schedule plus EMT class, Brother I’s soccer practices and games, and not to mention Baby C wanting to be held, snuggled, and eat every 2-3 hrs. I know it will be hard to commit to a training plan of running 5 days a week and it will lead to disappointment on my end.

So I’m sad to say “not right now” to running and just fit them in when I can (I’m hoping for 3 runs a week – an easy run, a speed day, and a long run) and focus soley on some strength work. And even though I’m sad I’m not fully committing to running right now, I’m excited about Insnaity. I ¬†REALLY want to give it a shot. I have seen the results and they are amazing. And the crazy thing about strength work….it will make me a better, stronger, and faster runner. So there’s that.

I will be posting my progress on here with some before and after pictures and measurements for those interested!

And since nutrition is so vital to a program like Insanity, I will be sharing my eats with you guys too, along with my thoughts on eating and exercise while breastfeeding.


And now for the giveaway winner!

There were 6 entries from 5 people. I put all entries on pieces of paper, tossed them into a bowl, and let Brother I pick one out. It’s not a fancy system, but it was all on the up and up. Promise!

And the winner…


Please email me your info so I can get your goodies in the mail to you!

Baby C’s First Run!

I suppose¬†technically¬†Baby C’s first run was shortly after I conceived. And then shortly after that, I ran a half marathon 5 weeks pregnant and I had a blast! It was my little secret (FirefighterDad knew of course); just me and my newly created child running for the pure joy of running.

In fact, that was my first ever race where I forgot my race bib. And I didn’t care. I didn’t stress. I simply ran for fun, for peace, for joy. I ran with my child.


During that race I thought a lot about my baby.

Would we have another boy? A girl?

What color eyes would he/she have?

What would their smile look like?

Thoughts like this kept me entertained and content during those 13.1 miles and even though that race wasn’t a PR, I have very find memories of it. It’s definitely one of my favorites.


Along with today’s run.

It was short and hot but I had a blast and the best company!

Today was Baby C’a first stroller run! And being able to see him, watch him, and talk to him was so awesome. It made me think about that race many months ago and feel so grateful, so happy, and so full to know who that child was at only 5 weeks.

I ran one loop around our neighborhood keeping it nice and relaxed and Baby C LOVED it! He was wide awake looking around and taking it all in. Towards the end, he closed his eyes and was getting tired and if it weren’t for being so hot and humid this morning, I would have gone a bit farther to help lull him to sleep.

Next time!

Here’s a quick break down:

1.31 miles

16:38 minutes

I ran the whole first mile which is improvement from my first two runs

And it is WAY easier pushing an 11 pound baby versus a 37 pound child.

I’m looking forward to many more runs with Baby C..he’s a great running partner!


Don’t forget to enter my first ever giveaway by August 21st here!

Solo runs or stroller runs?

Ever “race” pregnant?

Weekend plans?

A Decision has Been Made…

After careful consideration, deliberation, and execution of a Pro/Con list, a decision has been made.

I will be running the race next weekend.

13.1 miles here I come!

I have adjusted my race plan a bit to account for my current mental state and physical training based off of the last few weeks of training that have felt mediocre. I am no longer expecting nor plan to secure a PR. However, what I will have is an amazing race with a conservative start and a lot fun!

I know you have all been dying to know what I was going to do, so here you have it….a decision has been made.

That’s all folks! Have a great Thursday night!

Thoughts in My Mind – Monday Edition

Are blog giveaways a thing? I’m not trying to make money or anything with this here blog, so what’s the deal with giveaways?! I might be some what attempted to try this. Maybe. One day. When I can get my act together.

I’ve lost my running mojo. Seriously ya’ll it’s bad. It’s so lost that it’s probably on its way to Timbuktu. I’m feeling so apathetic about running that I’m not even registered for my race next weekend. And I don’t know if I’m even gonna run it. It’s sad really. Races give me so much drive, determination, excitement and anticipation. Right now I’m just eh about the whole thing and I’ve never felt this way. Plus, now I have to make a decision to race or not race. In 5 days before registration closes. It’s too much pressure.

3.5 must just be the absolute pits. Or maybe it’s the time change. I dunno but here’s hoping to a good nights sleep and a happy child in the morning.

4 more days until the weekend.